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Specializations, skills & competencies


Civil and commercial contract law
and electronic archiving 
and international)

At the level of institutional clients, a particular skill has been acquired over more than 30 years in international transactions with the participation of large investment banks, audit firms and other professional players, transactions often linked to approval by a supervisory authority; the characteristic services, in addition to specific one-off opinions, are the drafting of so-called transactional contracts and documents and the establishment of legal opinions; at the level of private clients, the firm deals with all drafting, advice and litigation files concerning civil and commercial contracts. Electronic archiving issues are now part of contract law when it comes to contract retention.

Terms and conditions

We are increasingly called upon to draft general conditions in the field of e-commerce, distance contracts and within the framework of clauses relating to consumer law.


Transport law and travel services

The complexity of the legislation no longer allows for an approximate approach - often sound advice avoids later problems.

Corporate (company law)

Strong since 1991 in the field of corporate law, the firm has no longer domiciled companies since 2009 and has specialized in in-depth advice in the field of legal and tax problems relating to the life of companies, e.g. amongst others:

  • Terms of share transfer

  • Shareholders 'and directors' agreement

  • Transfer of headquarters abroad

  • Civil and criminal liability of managers

  • Compensation clauses

  • Problems related to general meetings

  • Liquidation of companies and deposit of accounts

  • Liquidation and disposal of repurchased own shares

  • Bankruptcy problems

  • Interim dividends

  • Capital reduction

  • Repurchase of own shares

  • Liquidation regimes

  • Directors' fees and taxation

  • Non-resident director

  • Domiciliation and subletting

  • Inheritance issues vs corporate laws

  • Donations

  • Usufruct and bare ownership

  • Civil companies and trust

  • Authorized capital

  • Electronic archiving and conservation of documents

  • Evidence regimes

  • Convertible bonds (PEC and CPEC)

  • Change of nationality and transfer of the registered office

  • Energetic efficiency

  • VAT / domiciliation and commercial activity

  • Aggravation of indebntness

  • Partnerships


Banking, finance, investment funds,
private banking issues, depositories,
private equity and venture capital,
securitization tools and insurance law
(life insurance and liability insurance)

The client is often facing a refusal to communicate from his banker or insurer and in this case our practice assists and represents you in any negotiation or litigation regardless the identity of the opposing party. More and more companies obliged to perfect their internal procedures in terms of AML / KYC documentation call on our professionalism to help them or to write the obligatory procedures in their place. Our expertise is frequently requested to provide high level expertise for files and issues in these areas an to cooperate with other professionals. We demonstrate a strong experience defending and counselling managers (decision takers) and investors and represent them in courts if requested.

Special criminal law (private
and corporate property, assets or goods,
road traffic offenses, tax fraud issues, reputational damage)

Our focus is on defence in the event of property, privacy and economic assault, road traffic offenses, reputational damage and tax fraud.


Medical law and issues related
to surgical intervention

The increased technical complexity of medical and surgical interventions is creating more and more legal problems in which patients are not always able to effectively assert their rights without the help of a specialized attorney.


Consumer rights

European and international law has developed consumer law to such an extent that this matter has become an independent and complex branch of law.


International social law, pensions schemes
and workers’ migration

No work without wage and social protection. The free movement of workers and the need for increased regulation has made standards evolve towards the complexity and sophistication of regulations and procedures. It is important for both the employee and the company to have a knowledgeable contact person who can provide information, advise and guide in case of hesitation or problem.


International private laws

Perfect knowledge of International Private Law is the golden key to a good understanding of a problem or dispute involving a foreign element.


Tax law (tax litigation)

We are more and more often asked about questions related to tax fraud. With 25 years of experience in tax disputes, both in direct and indirect taxation, we also advise our clients in the subjects and areas of mutual administrative cooperation and European and international regulations and case law. by making them aware of their obligations and various questions of tax residency.


Air traffic and maritime law

Whether you are a user or owner of an aircraft or vessel, we are at your disposal to advise you and assist you in your contracts, acquisitions, sales, registrations and management and will guide you to technical specialists for otherwise non-legal, administrative or purely technical matters. We take care of and will gladly follow you in your projects.


Litigation has always been our workhorse. Our desire for independence and neutrality rules out many conflicts of interest. However, we only accept applications above a certain value and threshold.



Justice outside the courthouses is gaining more and more scope and importance. We have acquired a solid experience in international arbitration, notably in London and Zürich over the last years.


Business and Commercial Law

Commercial activities and business without strict regulation are neither business nor legal. Whether it is in the event of success or failure (bankruptcy) or otherwise judicial liquidations (winding up procedures) due to a severe disagreement among partners, we are always ready to defend the interests of our clients. Unfair competition and illegal business practices are increasingly noticed.


Real estate issues and rental
& commercial leases

Whether you are bothered by any acquisition or liability issue, the occurrence of damage related to your real estate or problems within a condominium, we stay at your full disposal in order to teach you about the rules and laws so as not to aggravate the problem and damage. Well-informed advice about tax consequences and obligations when renting, buying or selling can save you unnecessary worries.

Quiet life rhymes with an orderly lease, both for the owner and the tenant.


Insurance law

Talking about life insurance or liability insurance, the insurance company appears in certain circumstances - sometimes like a foe or huge windmill stripping the interests of the victim and spoiling it’s reserves and strategy. A guide and defender becomes essential in these circumstances. Opening an oyster is not given to everyone !


Strategic claim recovery

It is important for companies and businessmen in general to manage their cash flow with due diligence. We support you in the recovery of your claims and the implementation of a real strategy so as not to waste your time and resources.


International claim recovery

The most important tool and asset in this area is the choice of the appropriate procedure. A careless procedure can worsen the situation of the creditor.

Labour law and workers’ migration
- safety at work - transfer of undertaking

Labour law has developed its own requirements well beyond the need of adequate contractual provisions and contracts. New provisions and standards are born, including those from a criminal, administrative and social nature (harassment, discrimination, protection of privacy, personal data, protection, risks, rights in the event of business transfers, accounting requirements, collective bargain agreements, private pension schemes etc.)


Administrative law (approval for your future construction, trade licence, residence and work permit, protection of personal data
amongst many other areas of litigation)

The citizen need the support of a specialist able to assist and guide him through the tide of legislative and regulatory provisions following the adage "no one is deemed and permitted to ignore the law". This is true at all levels, for individuals, managers and companies.

In case of conflict with the administration, professional help is advisable in any circumstances  and any attorney representation is mandatory before the administrative court. You will experience our assistance as a real added value where applying for an approval for your future construction, trade licence, work and residence permit in particular. Our advice is more and more often sought in matters related to the protection of personal data, whether from professional actors for the implementation of internal procedures and regulations, as well as from private individuals.


Civil law matters - civil and professional liability - reputational damage – database issue - post divorce liquidation

We provide our clients and other professionals, regardless their field of activity, with our expertise in the area of civil law, including any liquidation difficulties as consequences of their divorce, all questions of contractual and tort liability. The evolution of electronic communications and the Internet, as well as the increased development of electronic databases, increase the risk of proliferation of personal information which is erroneous or incomplete, a situation which may prove to be very harmful and generally inappropriate. We have a long standing experience in having your data "cleaned" which are not in relation to an evidenced reality or not otherwise justified, and claim damages if necessary on your behalf.


Inheritance – advice & problem resolution – planning

Useless to cry when it comes to the disaster, it's better to do things within the spirit of the law up from the scratch.


It is at the time and event of inheritance that movable and immovable property takes on a second life or is the source of a heartbreak. Do not hesitate to consult us or have someone represent you.


Legal audits

Following the quotation "a wise man is worth two", it is sometimes preferable or advisable to first ask the professional for his opinion or simply request an audit on a matter, project or envisaged transaction.

Expertise in innovative technologies

The firm has extensive experience in this field and is able to usefully assist victims in their legal proceedings (complaints and civil cases) and in the identification of those responsible through forensic expertise operated by external professional specialists (data leaks, ransom demand, intellectual property theft, etc.). Same for any online reputation damage issues.

Expertise dans les technologies
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