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Full-fledged Family Office Services - under respect of the DAC-6 tax notification duty

Dernière mise à jour : 4 août 2022

Are performed by professionals (different categories of professionals are entitled to offer these services including attorneys in Luxembourg) on a bespoken basis.

NEWS - Dubaï manages flexible AIF Funds as an equivalent solution & private equity tool - with the option to choose a Luxembourg depository bank

A valuable alternative option to the classic and regularly used vehicles, schemes and private equity tools consists in the incorporation of an AIF fund or acquisition of a single compartment (with the option to be floated on any stock exchange e.g. HK, Bermudas, Ireland etc.)

Core advantages at a glance:

-swift incorporation and setting up period compared to classical fund types;

-lower setting up costs and minimal capital low (depending the type);

-fully regulated and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority;

-managed by and trough licensed managers (bank licence);

-all administrative services are carried forward by well trained and specifically educated international staff in Dubaï (financial centre);

-accounting performed in Dubaï;

-transfer agent, audit function, accounting and administrative agent, any related fiduciary or notary services and legal function under “one roof”;

-great corporate and legal flexibility;

-depository bank : in Luxembourg or EU;

-100% private equity bespoken solutions.


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